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Overcoming Your Marketing Barriers

Increasing the demand & supply for your products or services should be a pivotal discipline for your managerial team. Your marketing strategy builds the bridge between your business, its stakeholders, and your customers. Knowing your business needs, communicating and matching those objectives to the wants or needs of your customers is half the battle.

Tips to Breakthrough your Marketing Barriers: Break through
1. Focus on What You Offer

While increasing your brand awareness, it’s too risky to second guess on if what you offer is meeting the interests of your customers. This is part of your marketing communication, how you effectively provide information about your business, and what you offer as you target your ideal customers.

2. The Request for Information

This requires your organization to learn from others. Learn where your customer’s interest lie, how they perceive value, satisfaction, what is desirable, and how you relay your message to them.

Failure to address both of these concerns, causes a weakness within your marketing communication, ultimately leaving the unique role of properly marketing your business unchallenged or recognized.

“Sell a solid Marketing Strategy and Customers Will Buy”, is a Rule of thumb and a vital part of your Marketing Communication.

The PMC Team

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Money Talks ~ How Adding Value Can Improve your Cash Flow

Besides exceptional brand awareness, customer service and satisfaction, there are other important factors that keep your customers coming back for more! Adding value to your offerings can make the difference between what your current and potential customers are willing to pay, in addition to improving the cost of producing your products and services.

Aside from competitive pricing, economic value is based on what customers perceive to be valuable, depending on their individual needs; it can be industry specific and may vary depending on your competitors. Your customers may be willing to pay a premium for your products and services, based on their individual benefit in what your company offers. Although you may offer a low price, the dollars may not roll in, due to your competitor’s advantage in adding more value.

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If your cash flow looks uncertain, here are a few strategies to help your bottom line:

  1. Become a Low-Cost Leader – It increases your company’s cash by becoming the industry’s lowest cost provider. This technique can improve utilization of capacity and resources, improve your operations and reduce your input cost of production.
  2. Provide the Best Cost – It increases your company’s cash through a combination of offering a lower cost and unique value. Customer satisfaction will increase your cash flow when your customers perceive value in your product or service, which you offer at a more competitive price.
  3. Product or Service Differentiation – This increases your company’s cash through providing unique value that surpasses your competition, other than offering a low price. This technique is based on the supply and demand of your customer’s needs, which is what you can use to leverage your uniqueness.

The PMC Team

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Student Activities

6 Questions To Help Your Teen With Better Money Management

There are many advantages to working during high school, which positively impact your adolescent’s future that you maybe overlooking. Working during high school increases the chance for your teen to gain skills, learn organization, responsibility, time management…..and more!! In order for your teen to become financially stable, it is beneficial for them to possess inner motivation, a strong work ethic, and have great control of their spending. Here are six questions your teen should as themselves in order to manage their money better!


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Elsmar Home Health Care

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Elsmar Home Health Care works with physicians to reduce the necessity for hospitalization or long-term care admissions, in addition to hospital and nursing home discharge planners to ensure a smooth transition from the inpatient facility to the patient’s home. Our goal is to implement the physician’s plan of care quickly and seamlessly while providing the support services required to reduce recovery time.

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