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Entrepreneur ? Need a team to implement your ideas ? Or Start-up and have your business and marketing plans ? Then we are the best fit for you.

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A R Roddy


I am about promoting a lifestyle revolution. My vision is helping real people achieve their personal goals through mentorship, integrity, and character. Our goal is to Saturate the earth with the next generation of innovative Leaders that are able to reach diverse populations with a message of hope and healing.

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Real Life Innovations

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Ghani Vision Photography

At Ghani Vision we aim to give you the finest quality photos around. We specialize in unique photos or as we call them, works of arts.

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Building Better Men


The Building Better Men (B2M) mentoring program is a community based program that educates and empower young males ages 6-17 to become responsible leaders in society so they can carry the mission of “Building a Better Man”. It sounds simple but it requires a dedicated team of thought provoking leaders to DRIVE the youth toward PURPOSE to EXCEL in the hardest times to PURSUE a DREAM that CREATE an IMPACT which CHANGES THEIR LIVES!

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Male Responsibility Institute

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Who We Are

The Male Responsibility Institute is a support system that is used to help young men between the ages of 6-17 develop the skills needed to take charge of their lives. Many of our young men live in single-parent homes without their fathers and may not know them at all, because of this fact many exhibit negative behaviors due to the lack of role models, and positive male influences(s) in their lives. It is imperative that we as a society are sensitive and proactive at acknowledging this need. The Male Responsibility Institute has school, community, and faith-based programs that are formulated to help young males understand that they are worthy of success, and will become contributors to society.

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Stone Soup Computer Services

Over 37 years in Telecommunications, Support and Information Management. We have SOLUTIONS that are simply NEW and INNOVATIVE using products that are readily available in most cases – We are here to help you do business better!

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D Healthstore assists all people desiring to take their own lives and health into their own hands and improve their lives by improving their health and well-being on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.

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