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Monthly Archives: April 2015

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Cheer White House Focus on Student Debt

The White House is exploring whether to make it easier for Americans to get rid of student loans through bankruptcy, joining consumer advocate groups and federal lawmakers who’ve been pushing for that type of investigation for years.

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Entrepreneur ? Need a team to implement your ideas ? Or Start-up and have your business and marketing plans ? Then we are the best fit for you.

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4 Strategic Trade-offs to Improve your Company’s Performance

Your company’s Strategic Trade-offs determine your company’s key decisions, processes, and internal value creation activities. Your value configuration is important and it analyzes the strength of the value you add to your customers. These four trade-offs should be aligned with your company’s mission and strategy, and they effectively lead to more profitable outcomes for your business:

Financial Perspective – How will your structure affect your cost? Which functions utilize the least amount of your resources to realize the highest return on your investment? This Trade-off is is most effective with a great deal of scalability, along with a business plan and model that is attractive to investors, and a cost structure that allocates resources that can be shared.

Strategic Perspective – Will your company’s structure affect your employee’s performance and innovation? What elements will provide the best leadership, culture, and competitiveness across the board? The right strategic direction renders the insight on how often your company should be innovative to remain competitive, the perfect common culture and shared values that keep your employees on board with your mission, the right human capital to solidify your core competencies, and the proper Leadership-style to keep you employees engaged and empowered.

Operational Perspective – How does your structure affect your key business processes? Which functions should be maintained or alleviated, monitored, and implemented to accomplish your business goals? The elements of your processes and coordination positively affect your Operational Perspective through excellent oversight and control, the flexibility of your business’s turnaround times, and strong cohesive internal networks.

External Perspective – Does your structure increase your market share? Where does your company find its competitive advantage and customer awareness? This Trade-off provides insight on your overall level of customer service and marketing performance, if your customers are gaining knowledge of your brand, products and services, if your achieving a sustainable competitive advantage, and if each effort is aligned with your Company’s mission.

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Healthy Michigan Plan

We are advocates in preventing Healthcare Disparities. This plan under the A.C.A. has helped provide thousands of Americans with access to Healthcare coverage and preventative services. If you do not have a Healthcare plan, there are options available for you to get covered! This option is also available nationwide.

In Michigan, the Healthy Michigan Plan provides health care benefits to Michigan residents at a low cost so that more people can have health care coverage. Have income at or below 133% of the federal poverty level* ($16,000 for a single person or $33,000 for a family of four)?


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A R Roddy


I am about promoting a lifestyle revolution. My vision is helping real people achieve their personal goals through mentorship, integrity, and character. Our goal is to Saturate the earth with the next generation of innovative Leaders that are able to reach diverse populations with a message of hope and healing.

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Real Life Innovations

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Ghani Vision Photography

At Ghani Vision we aim to give you the finest quality photos around. We specialize in unique photos or as we call them, works of arts.

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Building Better Men


The Building Better Men (B2M) mentoring program is a community based program that educates and empower young males ages 6-17 to become responsible leaders in society so they can carry the mission of “Building a Better Man”. It sounds simple but it requires a dedicated team of thought provoking leaders to DRIVE the youth toward PURPOSE to EXCEL in the hardest times to PURSUE a DREAM that CREATE an IMPACT which CHANGES THEIR LIVES!

Enroll Your Son or Book Odis Bellinger Today!

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