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Are your Customers Happy with your Service?

Keeping customers in your establishment or hawking you down for your products, is an ideal business, yet a tough process. Knowing your business needs, communicating and meeting those objectives to the wants or needs of your customers is half the battle. Predicting those changes in your customers overtime, with a well-thought out strategy is what keeps you a step ahead of the game! Here are four of the most vital customer-focused objectives that should be in your Marketing Campaign:

Marketing & Branding Strategy – Should always be geared towards improving your sales, telling people you are better than the competition, appealing to a new set of customers, or letting current customers know they have new products.

Relationship Marketing – Along with Customer Relationship Management,  help to re-enforce your customer’s trust. Managing the company’s interactions with current and future customers will transform your unfamiliarity into awareness of knowing when people accept the legitimacy of your product or service, and allows insight on when they appreciate and recognize its value.

Word of Mouth – is one of the most powerful marketing tools that is driven by those who interact with your company the most. If you’re informing, reminding, and raising awareness, these actions persuade them to accept your product and prompt a purchase action.

Promotional Marketing – is used to overcome the barriers to your customer’s purchasing decision. Customers are more inclined to buy when there is a benefit or feature they are receiving that fulfills their want or need.

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Top Engagement Drivers ~ How to Prevent Disengaged Employees from Costing your Company

Knowing what motivates your employees can help you develop a targeted communication and segmentation strategy to recognize what is important to them and how they will behave in certain situations. This knowledge can help you leverage your workforce and prevent the damage that disengaged employees can cause your company. These efforts provide a common vision and the possibility of moving in the same direction towards common objectives that improve alignment gaps and synergies in the areas of your vision, culture, objectives, and value changes.

Employee engagement is based on the conditions in the workplace, and workers have shown an increased preference in knowing that their organization cares about them, their opinions count, and their organization’s mission and purpose is clearly defined. Your HR department should make the objectives of your company clearly defined, along with each employees responsibilities and how they are able to contribute to your organization, through providing feedback that counts!

According to Gallup research, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units. A Gallup study of 7,272 U.S. adults revealed that one in two had left their job to get away from their manager and improve their overall life at some point in their career and most managers are not creating environments in which employees feel motivated or even comfortable. Talent is the most powerful predictor of your organization’s performance and word of mouth can be the highest cost to your company.

Top Engagement Drivers

  1. Clear Career Path – Career development provides opportunities that benefit both employees and employers. Employees who partake in job training, continuing education and other types of professional development can refine and acquire new skill sets that help advance their career and motivation. Focusing on leadership, coaching, and performance management help employees make their work meaningful. Reinforce the importance of a coaching and feedback, a shared culture, and teach leaders how to be authentic and transparent.
  2. Involved in Decisions That Affect Their Work – Managers must be accessible so that employees see them as approachable for guidance and assistance. Employees must be encouraged to be active in the important decision making processes within the company and allowed to provide their contributions to feel empowered. This motivates each individual employee to continue doing great work and their peers. Their desires, needs, and values will shape the organization’s culture overtime.
  3. Teamwork – Your employees are the heart of your organization and they work on demanding cross-functional teams that often bring new people together. When managers help employees grow and develop through their strengths, they are more than twice as likely to be engaged within their team.
  4. Clear Vision and Shared Company Culture – This driver speaks for itself! A well defined vision provides a clear direction. Flexibility, empowerment, development, and mobility play a key role in defining your company’s culture. This driver should always be reviewed, revamped, and re-enforced.
  5. Appropriate Decision Makers – Managers should know what motivates their employees and your company’s culture is driven from the top down. Employee engagement should be a corporate priority, and systematic process should be established for measuring or evaluating engagement throughout the company. According to recent surveys, management transparency has a direct 94 percent correlation with employee happiness and retention.
  6. Employee Benefits and Perks – We have all experienced working for a company that does not offer any employee benefits, perks, or recognition. Employees in these types of environments are not motivated when there is no benefit for them. This driver leads to a workforce that is motivated, helps with employee retention, and is a strong differentiator for your company when your employees feel that they are working for a great place that offers them excellent benefit, rewards, praise, and recognition for their efforts in achieving the organization’s goals.

The PMC Team

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