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Work ~ Life Balance

As an Entrepreneur, your world can get pretty busy. Prioritizing between work and your personal life can seem impossible to accomplish. As you build your business, it can require a lot of your time. Most Entrepreneurs set unrealistic expectations, or work extreme hours without a thought of slowing down, considering their health, not to mention their much needed family time.

Studies show that poor work-life balance can result in unhealthy levels of stress; experts have found that the compounding stress from endless workdays is damaging. Taking care of business is dependent on taking care of yourself! You are the face of your business and as the key decision maker, clarity within your decision making may be negatively affected. You also may experience reduced productivity from a lack of rest and organization.

Scheduling is key: your business will do well if you’re doing well and in good health. Think of it this way, good mental and physical health affects your bottom line, has a positive impact on your overall happiness and relationships.

Although a good footing is based on organization and scheduling, work life balance can have a different meaning for everyone! It is important to remember, without the proper balance, certain areas of your life may become unfulfilled. Your personal life can affect how you run your business and unknowingly trickle over on how you treat your customers. A happy boss means great business, great customer service, as well as motivated employees!

As an Entrepreneur:

  • Now your workload: This helps to prioritize your schedule for the work week, based on the goal you wish to achieve. With that in mind, you are also able to plan for enjoyment with family and friends, with the piece of mind in knowing what task are completed or need attention for the next workday.
  • Schedule your time wisely: Knowing your workload allows you to schedule your time wisely and allocate the proportionate amount of time, based on priority or intensity.
  • Get enough rest
  • Always take the time out to relax your mind and make time for family!

The PMC Team

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Elsmar Home Health Care

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Elsmar Home Health Care works with physicians to reduce the necessity for hospitalization or long-term care admissions, in addition to hospital and nursing home discharge planners to ensure a smooth transition from the inpatient facility to the patient’s home. Our goal is to implement the physician’s plan of care quickly and seamlessly while providing the support services required to reduce recovery time.

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4 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Does!

If you’re competing in a particular industry, you must possess some competence in these four influential prerequisites to be profitable and ultimately survive. These four factors are what drives your ongoing strategy and are the keys to your success! Understanding your business’s resources and internal capabilities can lead you down the road to a competitive advantage when you:

  1. Know What our Customers Want – First, you have to know what your customers want. The most important part of this is understanding who your target customers are, their wants and needs, and maintaining a strong since of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A well-thought out strategy outlines your business’s plan in reaching your intended target market. Incorporating CRM into your strategy, aligned with your organization’s mission, and purpose allows you to analyze your customer’s interactions such as personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns. It improves your relationships with them, assist in customer retention, and drives your sales growth.
  2. Analyze the Demand – Now that you know what your customers want, you have to analyze their demands from your business. Your target customer segment and CRM strategy is the foundation to this step. What attracts them to you? Is it your low prices, location, product or service variety, quality, or is it your great customer service?
  3. How Do You Survive Your Competition – You must know how to survive the competition. You can gain insight on who your competitors are through local directories, your local chamber of commerce, networking events or trade shows. It’s important to know who they are, what they offer, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and who their target customer segments are.
  4. What Drives the Competition – Lastly, you must know what drives the competition. Learn how they treat their customers, how competitive is there pricing compared to your business, and what are their most influential marketing techniques. Benchmarking is a great way to get this information and you can also gage their customers. Most importantly, you must know how intense your competition is in order to obtain superior performance and dominate your market.

The PMC Team

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