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We Offer Consulting Services

Our consulting services will help you become sustainable and improve your brand, with the strategies that provide small business with vitality from a big business approach

Bankability Basics & Financial Modeling Course

We ensure the integrity of your books and educate you on financial modeling to help you budget, forecast, and improve your financial reporting

Student Credit & Financial Literacy Program

Learning money management at an early age is our goal for young teens. We help them take control of their money and develop sound financial planning kills

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Leveraging Your Contacts to Gain New Business

Business networking is more than setting up meetings and encountering new people. It’s a unique way of bringing in a regular supply of business, through leveraging your personal and business contacts, and building ongoing relationships; it’s the most effective low-cost marketing technique for creating new opportunities, gaining referrals, and advertising yourself to decision makers. It

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Overcoming Your Marketing Barriers

Increasing the demand & supply for your products or services should be a pivotal discipline for your managerial team. Your marketing strategy builds the bridge between your business, its stakeholders, and your customers. Knowing your business needs, communicating and matching those objectives to the wants or needs of your customers is half the battle. Tips

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Money Talks ~ How Adding Value Can Improve your Cash Flow

Besides exceptional brand awareness, customer service and satisfaction, there are other important factors that keep your customers coming back for more! Adding value to your offerings can make the difference between what your current and potential customers are willing to pay, in addition to improving the cost of producing your products and services. Aside from

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Student Activities

6 Questions To Help Your Teen With Better Money Management

There are many advantages to working during high school, which positively impact your adolescent’s future that you maybe overlooking. Working during high school increases the chance for your teen to gain skills, learn organization, responsibility, time management…..and more!! In order for your teen to become financially stable, it is beneficial for them to possess inner motivation, a strong

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Small Business Accounting Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

As an owner, you should consistently ask yourself how well are your accounting goals working each month and have you effectively monitored your performance? A successful owner will have a business to-do list; bookkeeping and accounting should be an integral part. Having a degree is not a pre-requisite for running a business. Rather than spending

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New Year, New Goals, New You ~ New Brand!

The new year is coming! It’s time to make some concrete plans in the right direction, have an exceptional year, and improve your current situation, with a better you and outlook on the future. 2016 is the right time to show what advancements you envision for your personal life and brand, while taking your career to

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