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Precise Measures Consulting, LLC is a business consulting and financial service company headquartered in Detroit, MI.

We collaborate with our partners and clients, to deliver financial solutions and support with streamlined models four their databases. We provide business consulting, financial outsourcing and tax services, financial education, and resume writing.

Our mission is to financially empower the youth, our partners, and our client with the financial wherewithal that adds value, sustainability, and success in long-term planning or decision-making processes. We are here to solve your most complex problems, while you grow your business! PMC gets straight to

the core of your organizations issues to improve your operations and make your objectives a reality. Our customer-focused solutions will move your businesses in the right direction.

Chaora Berry is the Founder and CEO of Precise Measures Consulting. Chaora has over 10 years of experience working with both for-profit and non-profit companies providing financial solutions. She is committed to building long-term partnerships in the community that are mutually beneficial to the clients and students we serve. Chaora has served as the previous Vice President for Hamilton Academy’s school board in Detroit, MI and currently focuses on the future generations with our Student Credit & Financial Literacy Program. We strive to understand your needs and our consultants will work closely with your team to ensure your goals are met!


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