Business networking is more than setting up meetings and encountering new people. It’s a unique way of bringing in a regular supply of business, through leveraging your personal and business contacts, and building ongoing relationships; it’s the most effective low-cost marketing technique for creating new opportunities, gaining referrals, and advertising yourself to decision makers.

It is important to network with a plan in mind, be proactive, and focus on business growth through a strategy that provides a mutual benefit for you and your new potential contact. Being mentally prepared is imperative, not everyone whom you meet will help you meet your goals, but you can reap the rewards from many undiscovered opportunities.

Know what events are beneficial to your company; sometimes it’s about who you know, when gaining new business! Be prepared and know what specific requirements are needed from the event. Besides being appropriately dressed for the occasion, be approachable with a candid introduction or elevator speech that tells the perfect story of selling you and your business in 30 seconds. Share pertinent information that is useful to each new individual, be positive, be different, and be memorable. Those qualities lead to a meeting, and a positive return on investment from your business cards. Lastly, always remember to follow up to seal the deal!

The PMC Team